EOSC Poland Network

EOSC Poland is the national structure of the EOSC, coordinated by the National Science Centre. The network was established to support the development of EOSC, to coordinate and strengthen EOSC-related activities nationwide and to place them in an international context.

The goals of the EOSC-Poland network include:

  1. Coordinating national EOSC activities;
  2. Providing a platform for engaging national stakeholders;
  3. Creating a forum for sharing Open Science information and best practices;
  4. Developing and strengthening national Open Science potential;
  5. Including the EOSC in national and international open data initiatives;
  6. Raising awareness of the EOSC in Poland;
  7. Providing support for mapping of national EOSC initiatives.

The EOSC Poland is an informal network. It includes Polish institutions belonging to the EOSC Association as Members or Observers, as well as those not affiliated with the Association but involved in EOSC-related activities, broadly defined as activities related to Open Science.

News and Events

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