Questionnaire for parties interested in contributing to the build-up phase of the EOSC Federation

The construction of the future EOSC has entered an important phase. The EOSC EU Node is expected to be presented to the scientific community in the frame of the EOSC Symposium in October 2024. Meanwhile, the discussions are intensifying on the aims, structure and tasks of the individual EOSC Nodes that will complement the EOSC EU Node to initiate the formation of the EOSC Federation.

The Tripartite Governance of EOSC is therefore launching a questionnaire to gauge the scale and scope of general interest and readiness for the build-up phase of the EOSC Federation. Interested parties are invited to reply to the questionnaire as the first step in their eligibility to contribute to a testbed of potential EOSC Nodes representing the different stakeholders involved in the research communities of Europe.

Webinars for parties interested in Building up the EOSC Federation

The EOSC Association will hold two webinars in June to explain the purpose of the questionnaire and provide guidance on how to complete it. Registration is required to attend. Interested participants can choose from the following dates and times:

  • Wednesday, 19 June 2024, 15:00-16:00 CEST
  • Tuesday, 25 June 2024, 15:00-16:00 CEST

Please visit the EOSC Federation web page on and read the following brief papers before completing the questionnaire:

Based on the replies to the questionnaire, several organisations will be invited by the Tripartite Governance to contribute to the refinement of the EOSC Federation concept during the build-up phase. The build-up phase will help the Tripartite to gain experience from cooperation between the future EOSC EU Node and the individual future EOSC Nodes, and to test the different aspects of the EOSC Federation Handbook in practice. The invited organisations shall reflect the different types of stakeholders and organisations to ensure the best possible representation of the various European research communities.

No additional funding is associated with this activity. Submitting the questionnaire does not commit the respondent to onboard their resources (i.e. services/data repositories) nor to establish a future EOSC Node. At the same time, the invitation to form a node in the build-up phase does not automatically guarantee the status of a federated EOSC Node at a later stage. The decision of the future structure, organisation and funding of EOSC will follow the negotiations of the next European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, FP10.

An overview of the results of this questionnaire will be shared with respondents and will be used to plan the next steps in the building of the EOSC Federation.