Open Access Week seminar at the University of Lodz Library

Full Name of the Institution: University of Lodz Library

Address: Jana Matejki 32/38, 90-237 Lodz Category: Competence development

For more than ten years, we have been disseminating issues related to Open Science at the University of Lodz. Every year we organise an Open Access Seminar, during which we discuss current issues related to the introduction of openness in university operations. Open Science Week – Open Access Week (OAW) – is a global event aimed at promoting open access to science and education. Universities, colleges, research institutes, science funding bodies, libraries and think tanks use this time to garner support for OA and to engage in debates about the economic benefits of new organisational and business models that would broaden the scope of access to research results or higher education. Materials from all editions of the Seminar are available in the UL Repository: