University of Lodz Repository

Full Name of the Institution: University of Lodz Library

Address: Jana Matejki 32/38, 90-237 Lodz Category: Infrastructure

The University of Łódź Repository collects and makes available the scientific output of University of Lodz employees and teaching materials. Resources deposited in the ULR – publications, research data – are given a permanent identifier (handle). The platform, based on DSpace software, makes scientific resources available in an open model and also enables integration with other sources of scientific information, including linking an author’s account with ORCID ID. The University of Lodz Repository operates on the basis of the University of Lodz Rector’s Order No. 51 of 31.03.2015. An employee or doctoral student of the University of Lodz may become a depositor after authorisation. When depositing documents, the author approves the non-exclusive licence in force at the University of Lodz Repository, and may also indicate other licences, including Creative Commons. Access to the metadata and to the full documents archived at the UL is – with exceptions – open to all interested parties.